OBEN Online Features

Over the past nine months my book OBEN received quite some exposure, which I would like to share with you. Here are a few online reviews (click the link to see and read the review):

Actual Colors May Vary, by Julia Schiller

Colin Pantall’s Blog, by Colin

I Heart Berlin, by Frank

LensCulture, by Jim Casper

Photo-Eye, by George Slade

SuperMassiveBlackHole Magazine, by Barry W. Hughes

The Photobook, by Douglas Stockdale

Urbanophil, by Karsten

Urban Shit, by Rudolf

Yet Magazine, by Darren Campion

25 books, by Hannes Wanderer

OBEN is also part of the Indie Photobook Library.

Many thanks to everybody who took the time to look at the book and write about it!