PINEAL EYE | Solo Exhibition, EXP12 Berlin, Opening 18 March 2017


Opening: Saturday, 18 March 2017, 7 pm
Exhibition: 18 March – 8 April 2017
EXP12, Greifswalder Straße 217, 10405 Berlin


Pineal Eye



exp12 is pleased to exhibit two series by Diane Vincent, both of which approach the themes of nature and contemplation. Vincent’s playfully titled projects i join the crystal-eyed turtle’s hand and within the pinecone, i take rest invite the viewer to explore further realities beyond our usual perception.

The exhibition title refers directly to the pineal gland, a small pinecone-shaped endocrine gland in the brain, which produces the hormone melatonin and modulates sleep patterns and other seasonal cycles. From the point of view of biological evolution, the pineal gland is linked to a light-sensing organ, known as the parietal eye, which is also called the pineal eye. The exhibition seeks to create a space in which to tap into this third eye, to experience our inner existence.

i join the crystal-eyed turtle’s hand plays with our imagination. Following an age-old wise creature, we bath in iridescent, fictive landscapes. Multiple layers overlap each other, interweaving in a radiant sound carpet. Vincent’s most recent series within the pinecone, i take rest takes us back to native nature. The tranquil and pensive images evolved from her weekly wanderings at dawn, serving as a connection to introspection.

PHOTOART VOLUME II | Group Exhibition, Berlin 2016


Opening: Thursday, 27 October 2016, 7 pm
Exhibition: 28 – 30 October 2016
Brunnenstraße 22, 10119 Berlin





In the second group show of the PHOTOART exhibition series, works of four new talents in contemporary photography were shown: Dennis Busch, Micha Otto, Fiona Struengmann and Diane Vincent. The four presented positions differ in subject and photographic technique, yet they all share the same objective: to create new realities by merging the present with the past.

i join the crystal-eyed turtle’s hand
by Diane Vincent reveals the dimension beyond time. One day the artist just wrote down these eponymous words. Inspired by their sound she created vividly coloured photographs of a tropical nature, overlapping layers, effigies of phantasmic, bright sensory impressions. The poetic title evokes the image of a turtle with kaleidoscope-like eyes. One can even imagine the sound of the rainforest in the very moment the photograph was taken. The perspectives are unusual. Diane invites the viewer to see the world with different eyes.

ENCONTROS DA IMAGEM | Group Exhibition, Braga 2016

Encontros Da Imagem


The series i join the crystal-eyed turtle’s hand was selected as one of the finalists for the Discovery Award by Encontros da Imagem, and was exhibited within the framework of the Photography Festival which is currently taking place in Portugal and runs until 5th November. Thanks to Ângela Ferreira and her energetic team, the exhibition at Casa Esperança, a former glass fabric in the heart of the old town of Braga, looks truly amazing.

OBEN Exhibitions

I am delighted to exhibit OBEN at two different places in Berlin in Spring 2016.

The images are shown at FENSTER61 from 17 February to 15 March. FENSTER61 uses a shop window in the very busy Torstrasse 61, near subway Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin Mitte. Since 2005 photographers are presented in monthly changing exhibitions with works that deal with Berlin. The window is visible 24/7 and illuminated at night.



Furthermore, OBEN is also included in ‚GEDOK Urban‘, a group exhibition initiated by GEDOK Berlin, which takes place in the Kommunale Gallery Berlin from 7 March to 8 May. Participating artists are: Christine Bachmann, Jenny Brockmann, Angela Bröhan, Ines Doleschal, Katja Hammerle, Katja Hochstein, Susanne Piotter, Gertraude Pohl, Ping Qiu, Nicola Rubinstein, Barbara Schnabel, Farkhondeh Shahroudi, Diane Vincent, Jessica Wolfelsperger. There will be a tour through the exhibition on Sunday 17 April at 3 pm, where all artists will be present.




OBEN Online Features

Over the past nine months my book OBEN received quite some exposure, which I would like to share with you. Here are a few online reviews (click the link to see and read the review):

Actual Colors May Vary, by Julia Schiller

Colin Pantall’s Blog, by Colin

I Heart Berlin, by Frank

LensCulture, by Jim Casper

Photo-Eye, by George Slade

SuperMassiveBlackHole Magazine, by Barry W. Hughes

The Photobook, by Douglas Stockdale

Urbanophil, by Karsten

Urban Shit, by Rudolf

Yet Magazine, by Darren Campion

25 books, by Hannes Wanderer

OBEN is also part of the Indie Photobook Library.

Many thanks to everybody who took the time to look at the book and write about it!

Unseen Amsterdam

I am delighted to reveal the news, that the photobook dummy for OBEN is shortlisted for a book award at the Unseen Photofair. The dummy will be on display in Amsterdam from September 18 – 21 among forty-nine other candidates. See you at Unseen!